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For the past year, Loyola Marymount University has been referring our students to Physical Therapy Care. During this time, we have enjoyed a mutual and beneficial business relationship. Our students have given us positive feedback concerning their care, from easy scheduling to success in their treatment... Thank you for your efforts!

Keith Chandler, RT
Office Coordinator Student Health Services
Loyola Marymount University

Over the past 9 months I have required physical therapy both pre- and post-operatively. I have used the Physical Therapy Care facility in Westchester and have been extremely satisfied. The entire staff works as a cohesive unit so almost any one can be of help at any time. The overall ambience is cheerful and pleasant. My personal physical therapist has been professional, knowledgeable, caring and a valued member of my recovery team.

Naomi-Ann Gold of the best places that has a professional, yet personal touch with which I am very pleased.

Wayne Epps

I am currently an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department. In March 2001, the dream of being in a law enforcement officer was almost shattered. I took a bad hit during a training exercise and tore both ACL. I was sent to Dr. Anthony Zoppi who referred me to Physical Therapy Care. The team of therapists worked together for one common goal - to put me back together. Although they had many patients that needed the same amount of care, I never felt like they put me off to the side, I always felt like they put me first. After 2 surgeries and seven months of intense therapy, I was able to take my place in the rank and file. The dedication and compassion of the staff at Physical Therapy Care not only helped me recover physically, but also helped me to stay focused mentally and emotionally. Their commitment to excellence makes them the leader in the field of physical therapy.

James Takashita
Los Angeles Police Department

I am a fibromyalgia and back pain patient, and the treatment that I received at Physical Therapy Care has given me the strength, flexibility, and function to perform activities that not long ago I thought were impossible. I am continually surprised by my increasing function and strength. I have been taught an arsenal of pain management techniques that have reduced my dependence on narcotic painkillers. I would not consider having physical therapy treatment elsewhere because I do not have the confidence that I would be treated with the same level of expertise, friendliness, respect and dedication.

Cynthia A. Robins